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About Me

I first entered freshman year of high school at the height of 5’5 and weighing 105 pounds. I didn’t exercise or play any sports and instead studied and laid in bed all day. Overtime I started to get skinnier and weaker, physically and mentally. My parents and peers were concerned about my weight and I realized how bad my health was getting. One day I decided that I wanted to change my lifestyle and my appearance so I started going to the gym hoping it would help. I picked up my first barbell around the end of freshman year and fell in love with working out ever since. I was so dedicated to working out that I slowly and naturally started to gain muscle mass. I’ve been working out for almost 5 years and gained a tremendous amount of results. Working out has helped me become a confident, healthier, and stronger person. Health and fitness has become my passion and purpose which is why I became a certified personal trainer to help others achieve the same goals that I achieved. I am also currently taking a step further through college to earn a degree in physical therapy. The choice to make exercise and healthy eating a part of my life was one of the greatest decisions I ever made for myself. Even through the toughest times where I felt like I was making no progress, I still disciplined myself to continue working out 6 days a week. Discipline and consistency are things that I mastered that I can help teach you to instill in yourself and change your life. I can 100% say that this lifestyle has made me a happier person, and I want to help make this happen for you.

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